Jul 16

Driving in the car…on the right side of the road…sober…listening to how the boys reacted to Patty Murphy dying. Poor fools. They aren’t even in touch with their emotions.

Jul 12
Very cool. I shall play with these features for sure. http://www.globalnerdy.com/2007/10/24/if-youre-happy-and-you-know-it/ Wait. How about I try it out RIGHT NOW! -Brig’umm
Jul 12
Hi Brig! I just wanted to let you know of a cool new feature to our old, dusty, mildly-humorous brother blog. It’s called Post by Email! That means that whenever you have something creative & exciting to share with your brother lost in a neighboring state that all you have to do is send an email to the above address (hidden for threat of dingo invasion) and BOOM! You have just posted to our wunderbarous blog. It’s that simple!! Now we can uplift, taunt, cross pollinate and spackle each other easier than ever! Also, if you want to do some cool stuff like link to audios or videos you can look at the following Post by Email shortcodes. Since I was havin some fun with the good ‘ol Blue Pheonix, I decided to toss on one more fun, fun and fun feature. It’s called Post by Voice. Just program 713-574-9075 into your phone and when you call enter the code 9142296 and share all your vocal brilliance! (I’m sure we’ll even get a fan or two of ours calling in to share some humourus stuffs and things.) Your voice will slingshot through cyberspace and land on a secret wordpress.com blog. Then our Glorious Bird will take flight, like faithful Hedwig (sad to see him go in HP Book 7), to go fetch it, bring it over to Liam & Brig and there she will reside ’till someone (most likely me) gives her a name and sets her free on our site (i.e. approves the post). I’m mildly excited to see what happens! :) Happy blogging my good man! Brother Liam
Oct 8

So, they say

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it’s your birthday, well, it’s my birthday too yo…well, not really, but it sure feels like it is. I’m just sitting here watching an old Star Trek Episode.

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Those future people, they are so witty and smart! Someday, someday.

Well, Brig, not to belabor the point. It’s your birthday and I just had to give you a gift. So, here she is:

Special thanks to the following ingenious helpers:

Jun 7

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Jun 7

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Jun 3

Brig: I just spoke to brudder Liam. Glad he’s staying digital.

Cause I’m not. This is the first twitt i have ever tweeted in all twitterdum.

Jun 3

Liam: Just heard from my long lost brother Briggum! Ah, it’s so good to know he’s still alive, carrying on the legacy of the Underdowns.

May 3

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Apr 27

Liam: Wrappin up the day with a little Jack Johnson, maybe. “It seems to me that maybe pretty much always means

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